Alpine Orthopaedics Testimonials

Please take the time to read through some of our patients’ thoughts after having received care with us.

Jeremy Scott

Over the course of my career as a professional athlete, I have had the chance to work with a lot of doctors, and Dr. Beim is one of the best I have ever met.  (She wouldn’t have been selected as one of the US Olympic Team doctors without being one of the elite.)  My livelihood depends on my physical performance, and when an injury happens, it affects me in more ways than just the pain of the injury.  Not only is Dr. Beim a very knowledgeable and skilled surgeon, but she cares first for you as a person.  I think the greatest pain of an injury typically isn’t the physical trauma.  The greatest pain is that you miss participating in the activities that you love.  Dr. Beim understands this better than any doctor I have ever been around.  You can see it in the way she interacts with her patients.  You can see it in the way she operates.  You can see it in the way she follows up on your rehab.  You can see it in the type of people she has on her staff.  You can see it in her attention to every detail of every aspect of your treatment.  After meeting Dr. Beim in London as a participant in the 2012 Olympics, I flew half way across the country to work more extensively with her in her clinic.  In spite of the long travel, Alpine Orthopaedics will be my first stop if I suffer another injury.

Jeremy ScottOlympic Pole Vaulter - Professional Athlete
Mark Gwillim

HI Gloria and Michelle and everyone else that works on me… 2012 Chicago Marathon 3:08:16 — 18th Age Group- 1397 out of 37421 Overall!!!!  Zero, and I mean Zero issues with the knee during training/race/post race.  Its really never felt as good as it has these last 2 years.  Just finished 2 weeks off, now will start prep for Paris Marathon April 2013 then shoot for sub 3 in Fall 2013.  I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me-and 1000% worth the drive/hassle of getting an ACL done in Gunnison CO. while living in San Francisco!  Best to all!

Mark GwillimMarathon Runner

I have been a patient of Dr. Beim’s for at least 10 years. I have had multiple procedures performed in her Alpine Orthopaedics Surgery Center in Gunnison. CO. which is a first rate facility with a highly competent staff. The outcomes have always been excellent. Alpine Orthopaedics is equipped with the latest technology and has an onsite physical therapy department. It is an amazing facility for such a rural area. Dr. Beim has always been very kind and caring and she values establishing close ties with her patients. She is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon and we are lucky to have world-class medical care in our remote location. I highly recommend Alpine Orthopaedics to anyone from Olympic caliber athletes to non-athletes.

Janella CoxRN

March 1, 2011, I lay on a gurney in the emergency room of Gunnison Valley hospital following a bad fall while skiing.  I was unable to move my arms; I was in excruciating pain, and I was scared.  That’s where I met Dr. Gloria Beim, orthopedic surgeon extraordinaire.  At our introduction, she looked down on me with those true blue eyes, smiling, and in a reassuring tone advised that she would take good care of me and notwithstanding my injury, shattered humerus bones of the right and left arms, I would be ok.  In a surgery that lasted more than four hours, Dr. Beim, with expert skill and painstaking determination pieced together tiny bits of bone to rebuild each humerus with the help of two titanium plates and 22 screws.  One colleague suggested that I was a candidate for a shoulder replacement but she believed that she could bring me back to full use of my natural arms.  Following surgery, Dr. Beim with equal care, patience and warmth visited me regularly to check on my progress and direct my physical therapy. She also assisted with the selection of a qualified orthopedist for my follow-up care once I returned to the East Coast.   Although, my recovery took several months, Dr. Beim called regularly to check on my progress.  Ultimately, I made a full recovery.
Many friends and doctors have told me my recovery was a miracle to which I reply the miracle was that Dr. Beim was there to perform the surgery.  For that, I am and always will be grateful to her for surgical skill and humanity.

Susan Akselrad

Like most accidents and injuries, my story began with no forethought and ill preparation. My mind had become tranquilized by the rewarding sensation of pushing my mind and body to the limits wandering at dusk atop the rocks of Hartman’s Recreation Area in Gunnison, CO. On this evening I left my shirt in the truck along with everything else I could have used should an emergency arise (cell phone, water, shoes, and personal identification).
I suppose an explanation is needed for the details of my wanderings. I would search out the steepest rock-face I felt comfortable climbing in sandals and ascend it. Once on top of the cliff I would proceed to run along the ridge jumping, leaping, and if need be down climbing more difficult sections of the rock. I would do this for about two to three miles out along the ridge and then traverse down to one of the nearby trails and run full speed back to my truck.
As the sun began to reach the western ridge I decided to call an end to the day’s session and find a route to down-climb. All I remember is hearing the snap of the rock breaking off where my right hand had found purchase. My right foot landed on the outside joint of my ankle. As the endorphins started pumping through my body I tried to stand but as soon as weight transferred onto my right foot, pain threw me back down to the ground. I looked at my foot and realized the severity of my situation, my foot was six inches to the inside of my leg a disentangled mess of swollen flesh and shattered bone!
Survival took over and as best as I could manage and withstand, I tried resetting the dislocation. When I was done the sun was almost set while pain and shock took my consciousness away from me. When I came to I knew I needed to keep moving or freeze. I still had no idea where I was so I climbed higher till finally the sight of Gunnison was gleaming in the distance. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
Eventually the sunrise began to come into focus, and the formless shadows of the night became familiar terrain. The next day I arrived at the hospital Emergency Room twelve hours later, injured, in shock and half dead.
I met with Dr. Beim at the ER and she told me of the procedure that she would perform. I had been injured for so long that surgery was not an option at the time due to risk of infection and the amount of swelling. With knowledge and a compassionate manner Dr.Beim gave me the details of my plan of care.
Dr. Beim waited about two weeks do the surgery, making sure the conditions were favorable for the procedure. Every visit I’d had in the meantime with Dr. Beim and her staff exceeded my expectations. Not only were they concerned with the immediate factors that would cause complications and infection, but my lifestyle factors as well. Dr. Beim had me quit smoking and by the time the day of surgery arrived I was well informed of what awaited me, both during and following the procedure. My entire time in the surgery center was comfortable and I was at ease. I was discharged that day and even got wheeled across the street to my hotel.
In the ten weeks that followed I moved back to Texas to stay with family for a month, and then came back to Gunnison for follow-up appointments. One of my incisions proved difficult to heal, it never became infected, but when I saw Dr. Beim for my one-month follow-up, she became aggressive in her attempts to heal it. Dr. Beim saw me on a daily and then bi-weekly basis to check my wound. Dr. Beim and her team went so far as to search out a new procedure to increase healing that I could easily do at home. We tried a new dressing called Poly-mem and my wound that had been open for a month and a half healed in two weeks.
Now my bones have completely healed and the clinical portion of my treatment has come to an end. I’m still doing a little physical therapy, but I can walk without a limp, stand, and do most everything I want to. But I couldn’t have done it without the right team of mechanics to put me back together again. Soon I’ll be back amongst the cliffs and mountains hiking and climbing perhaps a little wiser from my experience, and as Dr. Beim herself made me promise many a time, I will not be in the wilderness alone.

Samuel Carrington