Quench Your Thirst: Essential Hydration Tips

Hydration is extremely important in the high altitude valleys we’re lucky enough to call home. With high elevations comes a lack of humidity. Although it may be cool outside and you don’t have the urge to drink water as you would in Moab at 100 degrees, your body still needs it:

  • The average person should consume 8 – 10 eight ounce glasses per day at a minimum.
  • Being above average mountain town residents, we should finish a 100 ounce camelback, especially if recreating at altitude for any extended period of time.
  • One study conducted by Loughborough University found that even a 3% drop can cause fuzzy thinking, “brain fog” and a slower metabolism.
  • A study conducted by University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory found that even a 1.5% water loss led to reduced cognitive function, headaches and fatigue in 25 women and 26 men.
  • Thirst pains are real. Water is needed to carry acidic waste away from cells, and when we’re dehydrated, these wastes don’t get carried away, leading to our nerves interpreting the acidic waste as pain.
Kelsey Denison