Triathlon Tips to Keep You Safe and Strong

This Saturday, September 12, 2015 many athletes will gather for the 3rd annual Gunni High Tri race. Both kids and adults may enter with entrance fees starting at $50. The 500-yard swim, 13-mile bike ride, and 3.2-mile run is a sprint triathlon, with shorter distances to cover compared to other races. But remember, just because it’s shorter, doesn’t mean proper preparation and recovery aren’t necessary!

Here are some tips to stay healthy during a competition like the Gunni High Tri:


  • Eat nutritious, easily digestible foods the night before and morning of the race – even though it’s a sprint, it doesn’t mean your body won’t be pushed to its limits. Keep the tank full so when you’re sprinting to the finish, you have a little something left.
  • Get some sleep. If you’re nervous about missing check-in, set several alarms. Being bleary-eyed when the gun goes off may result in stumbles and injuries down the line.

Race Day

  • Be familiar with the course. If you know what’s coming, it will be easier to anticipate more challenging sections when your body will need to work harder.
  • Review transition routines, between the swim, bike, and run sections. Not only will smooth transitions reduce your overall time, but they will also reduce the risk of injury.
  • Don’t deviate from your training plan. If you have been using certain equipment and habits, race day is not the day to try something new. Last minute changes may result in blisters or worse. Stick with what you know, you trained for a reason.

Race Recovery

  • Because this is a sprint triathlon, a modest day-after workout may be appropriate for some athletes who are accustomed to heavy training loads. For others, a simple walk around the block and rest day could be what’s needed. Listen to your body and let it heal.
  • Re-fuel and Re-hydrate your body. Consuming ample water or sports drink will make a huge difference in the way you feel.
  • Assess yourself. Does anything hurt more than usual or in a different way? Seek medical attention if pain persists rather than the typical soreness.
  • High-five yourself! You did it and can start planning for your next competition.

For more information on the Gunni High-Tri or to register – click here.

Stay safe out there and good luck to all the athletes!