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Sports Medicine

Alpine Orthopaedics has helped countless collegiate, professional, Olympic, and recreational athletes, as well as people in the occupational workforce, who all want to feel good and perform well. Combining education, experience, and the best, most up-to-date medical and scientific knowledge, we endeavor to work with our patients to prevent, diagnose and treat injuries related to active lifestyles.

Our Sports Medicine Practice treats: 

  • Knees - ACL tears, mensicus tears, overuse tendinitis

  • Shoulders - instability & dislocations, rotator cuff tears, overuse tendinitis

  • Ankles - instability & sprains, overuse tendinitis (achilles)

  • Traumatic injuries of all body parts based on sport
    - Skiing - tibia fractures, shoulder fractures, joint dislocations
    - Biking - AC (acromioclavicular joint) sprains, clavicle fractures

  • Overuse injuries of all types in most joints, including lower extremities, upper extremities & spine

Tenex Health

Our practice offers Tenex Health TX™ -- a safe, quick procedure specially
designed for those who are suffering from painful conditions associated with
tendon damage. Examples of conditions treated include rotator cuff pain, Tennis or
Golfer’s elbow, Runner’s or Jumper’s knee, Achilles tendonitis, and Plantar

To learn more about how Tenex can benefit you, visit our Tenex Health Page, or visit